Love Island records its Polish version for the fifth time in Costa del Sol and all the staff and contestants stay at Colina del Paraiso.

For the fourth consecutive year we have all the staff housed in our facilities and enjoying our spacious apartments and our gastronomy.

The global rollout of the internationally successful format, Love Island, continues

Love Island is a format that is broadcast almost live, the broadcast is attached to its recording, and true love is sought in it. To do this, several singles live together 24 hours a day in a village, keeping dates and participating in different games. The most important requirement to not be eliminated is to always be in a couple.

In an initial ceremony they have to pair up with each other. In this way they can compete with the rest of the couples in challenges and games.

The objective is that, as new contestants enter, they manage to stay paired because, as has been said, whoever is left without a partner will be expelled.

In addition, the spectators will have a very important role in everything that happens within the reality show. The duo that manages to reach the end will be the winner and will receive an economic prize. In the original version the prize is 50,000 pounds, which is equivalent to about 56,000 euros.

The multi-channel phenomenon can be seen both on the linear channel Polsat and on the OTT streaming service Ipla, being produced by the local company Jake Vision and presented by Karolina Gilon.

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